Iconic scene from “The Great Escape”

I believe that freedom is the natural state of the soul. That beneath all of the social programming, systems, rules and input is a free being. I also believe that freedom is contextual to the individual. Some may view freedom as to be able to openly love who they love. Another may view freedom as not worrying about money. Another person may see freedom as the right to express.

For me, freedom is to be free as possible from any system, doctrine or ideology I did not choose. Of course, we need to have a functioning society but I want to operate from the edges of these restraints not the middle. I take much of my inspiration on freedom from Jesus who organized his brief life around his mission. In doing so, he kept himself free as possible from adherence to rules, attachment to roles, people, situations — and lived simply, with a premium on mobility.

With that context, I present to you a manifesto on being free. A free human …

What is your definition of freedom? How do you want to experience it in your life?

When you show someone their soul, you set them free. Co-founder of branding firm Root + River. Speaker, writer based in Austin. @fosterthinking on Twitter/IG

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