End of Year Journal Prompts

Justin Foster
2 min readDec 30, 2022

The Scribe — George Cattermole (1800 — 1868)

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What is a 2022 achievement to celebrate? Was this planned or unplanned?

What didn’t work in 2022 that you want to work in 2023?

What do you want for 2023 that you already have?

What do you want in 2023 that you don’t have now?

Where are the current biggest gaps between your intentions and actions?

What are 2 — 3 challenges you want to experience in 2023?

Who is in your Support Circle? Challenge Circle?

What is the highest level of convertible value for your talents?

What are your most underutilized assets?

What is a new skill you want to learn? One each for self, relationships, and work.

What is something new you want to experience in 2023?

In 2023, I want to do more of ___________ and less of _________________.

In 2023, I want to feel more. ___________ and less _________________.

Spiritual Intelligence Assessment

(Scale of 1–10)

Channeling wisdom

Trusting intuition

Speaking truth

Open-heartedness; compassion

Operating from True Self

Utilizing creative/sensual energy

Overcoming fear

If less than 6 on any of these, what action will you take to grow it?

If 7 or higher, what action will you take to protect and nurture it?

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