10 thing I am learning about relationships that wish I would’ve learned earlier in life:

Justin Foster
1 min readApr 16
  1. Deep listening and self awareness are the twin pillars of healthy relationships.
  2. I am 100% responsible for managing my emotions and reactions.
  3. I own how those I love react to my energy, tone, words; that my intensity can be received as disempowering.
  4. The right person in the right relationship doesn’t make me secure. I make me secure.
  5. How to recognize that I’m playing out trauma wounds and anxious attachment in my relationships. And then how to break the loop.
  6. The role of the masculine is to protect the space for the feminine to exert and express her power.
  7. My job isn’t to meet her needs. It’s to help create the conditions for her to get her needs met.
  8. Compassion is in the eye of the recipient not my intentions.
  9. Disagreement and healthy conflict are part of a conscious relationship.
  10. There is a spiritual component to everything.
  11. Love is a verb. Loving is a skill. Self-Love is paramount.
  12. Intuition is never wrong but my reactions to it certainly can be wrong.
Justin Foster

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